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TeleHealth Visits

Dear Patients,


Sadly, we are experiencing unprecedented times in the wake of the novel Coronavirus.  For the safety of all, we are limiting in-person appointments to conditions that require immediate attention.


In an attempt to minimize exposure of the Coronavirus and still provide services to our patients, we are now offering Telehealth visits. This means that we will able to assist in evaluating, diagnosing, and even treating many skin conditions remotely from our computers and phones using our HIPAA secure video conferencing platform called


You can still call the office to schedule an appointment as you would normally do. After an appointment has been scheduled, you will receive communication through an encrypted server called Klara which will provide more information and direct you to the link we are using for our telehealth platform.


We recommend keeping your in-person appointments for the following conditions:


● skin cancers
● spots concerning for skin cancer
● painful or itchy skin rashes/conditions


These are skin conditions that require in-person care but are inappropriate for visits to our emergency rooms, urgent care centers, and primary care clinics given the Coronavirus situation. We do not want to take away their vital attention and resources.



Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center